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Nature is an antidote for stress. A growing body of research demonstrates that being in nature lowers blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduces anxiety, improves immune function, enhances mood, and speeds healing. Exposure to nature contributes to physical and mental well-being.

Experience the healing power of nature through
customizable Nature Engagement offerings:

Choose your favorite classes to enjoy with your Wellness Works Package.

Guided Nature Walks

  • Guided Forest Therapy Walks (connecting to self through nature in a meditative, reflective, slower pace method for 2-3 hours).

  • Seasonal Nature Walks (engaging with nature, actively moving and seasonal nature information)

  • Elevate Nature Walks (a creative work out partnering with nature)

Sit Spot Workshop

  • Observation and meditation with the natural world. Ideal for those healing and for
    those with limited mobility who want to enjoy nature.

Forest Bathing Class 

  • You will move, notice, and share immerse in nature. You will enjoy nature sounds, and experiencing all that surrounds us. 

1000 Hours Outside

  • An experience to minimize screen use and increase time outside exploring.

Visit Healthy New Albany for the current community class schedule
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