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Knowledge & Retreats

Nutrition programming at work contributes to the health and well-being of all employees. Understanding nutrition and related health topics helps us to maintain energy levels and concentration, boosts creativity and promotes brain and overall health. 

​Employees, especially younger workers, prefer to work for organizations with a strong commitment to their local communities.

Choose your favorite classes to enjoy with your Wellness Works Package.

Energizing Happy Hour

After a busy day at work, enjoy a healthy and delicious drink and snack followed by a peaceful and uplifting guided meditation.

Wellness retreats (4 -6 hours or full day experiences)

Get away from your everyday routine to get inspired, discover, share, and learn many health and wellness subjects. We will customize this experience to meet your needs and incorporate every aspect of wellness, movement, nature, and nourish.

Community Health Talks

Meet experts in all areas of wellness and well-being. Get your questions answered so that you feel
empowered, heard, inspired, and ready to be your healthiest self at work and home.

Visit Healthy New Albany for the current community class schedule
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